Traditional Strip Solar Heating Systems – Perth

Our traditional strip solar pool heating systems are a reliable, high performance product, which is capable of increasing your water temperature by approximately 10°C, ensuring you, your family and pool friendly neighbours get maximum fun, value and exercise out of that big watery investment in the backyard.

The systems are low maintenance and very easy to operate.

How it works

Pool water is circulated through a series of tubes (the collector) installed on a suitably positioned roof. As the pool water is circulated through the tubes, it is heated from the sun’s free energy and then returned to the pool. The water temperature can be managed by an automatic control system.

Displayed is a typical Supreme Heating traditional strip solar system.

This form of heating is very inexpensive to operate and is ecologically friendly unlike fossil fuel heaters (gas or electric), which create pollution through their harmful products of combustion.

Which system is right for you?

Supreme Heating has two strip systems to choose from – Heatseeker and Heatseeker Plus.

Each system is designed to suit the individual application, pool size, filtration equipment, roof type and budget. A trained consultant will assist you in choosing a system that is perfect for your pool.

Give us a call to discuss which system is right for you.

Unique in design

The sun provides a certain amount of energy per m² for our collectors to absorb. The Heatseeker strip profiles are made from a specially formulated PVC Nitrile material which capitalises on the available energy from the sun.

Heatseeker profile

Has a width of 135mm and consists of 8 circular shaped tubes.

Australia’s first complete full length manifold piping system

The Heatseeker manifold piping system is outstanding in performance and durability.






  • Prefabricated in one continuous length. No holes drilled and no parts glued together.
  • Easy to repair – can be taken apart or replaced.
  • Minimal leak potential – longer life.
  • Heatseeker sleeves provide improved pressure resistance (where required).
  • Low maintenance.
  • Quicker heat up times.
  • Over 15 year’s infield service life.
  • Blends into roof line appearing almost invisible.
  • Made to measure to suit individual site requirements.
  • Simple to install and service.

Heatseeker Plus profile

Has a width of 110mm and consists of 8 elliptical shaped tubes.

Heatseeker Plus colours

Black has always been the traditional colour of collector, but it’s now possible to match the colour of your roof with our range of Heatseeker Plus colours.

Australia’s first complete full length manifold piping system is also compatible with the Heatseeker Plus system.

End Manifolds – giving pool owners a choice!

Also available are the Heaseeker Plus end manifolds, which are ideally suited to visible roofs.

Heatseeker Plus