Solar Pool Heating Panel Systems

Our Heatseeker Oku solar pool heating is an extremely reliable, high performance product, which is capable of increasing your water temperature by approximately 10°C, ensuring you, your family and pool friendly neighbours get maximum fun, value and exercise out of that big watery investment in the backyard.

The systems are low maintenance and very easy to operate.

How it works

Pool water is circulated through a series of panels (the collector) installed on a suitably positioned roof. The water can flow through the solar panels in either direction, so they can be mounted both vertically and horizontally. As the pool water is circulated through the panels, it is heated from the sun’s free energy and then returned to the pool. The water temperature can be managed by an automatic control system.

HS Oku - How solar worksThis form of heating is very inexpensive to operate and is ecologically friendly unlike fossil fuel heaters (gas or electric), which create pollution through their harmful products of combustion.

Heatseeker Oku profile

HS Oku ProfileThe Heatseeker Oku panels are manufactured in Germany and are made of high density polyethylene, which have a high pressure rating and thermal efficiencies.

The Heatseeker Oku system is ideal for installation in Australia’s harsh climate. It can handle both extreme heat and extreme cold. Furthermore, it is highly resistant to birds such as cockatoos. These panels have survived being run over by heavy vehicles and can withstand the impact of hail. Combine the panel durability with a twenty five year product warranty, Heatseeker Oku is the perfect choice for your pool heating solution.

Heatseeker Oku 1000 (end) Panel

  • Single integrated 40mm manifoldHS Oku Panel
  • Two 25mm connection pieces
  • Length 1320mm
  • Width 820mm
  • 1.08m²

Heatseeker Oku 1001 (middle) Panel

  • Four 25mm connection pieces
  • Length 1280mm
  • Width 820mm
  • 1.05m²
  • Connects to Oku 1000 Panel

Heatseeker Oku 1002 (dual manifold) Panel

  • Dual integrated 40mm manifold
  • Length 1360mm
  • Width 820mm
  • 1.12m²
  • Ideal for narrow or irregular shaped roofs

HS Oku Size Chart

HS Oku Specifications Table

Heatseeker Oku Brochure