Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

In some regions of Australia natural gas swimming pool heaters are either unavailable or uneconomical to run year round, but this doesn’t mean you have to miss out on family fun and entertainment in your swimming pool. Heat pumps are designed to heat your pool using electricity, just another one of Supreme Heating’s cost-effective pool heating options available.

Here are the benefits of pool heat pumps:

Based on proven technology

Swimming pool heat pumps essentially work like an air conditioning system or refrigerator, but in reverse.  Warm air is sucked into the heat pump through a fan, the air is then heated by electricity and transferred to the pool water circulating through a heat exchange in the heat pump.  The heated pool water is then passed back into the pool via the normal inlet pipe.

All year round use

Pool heat pumps can be used as long as ambient temperatures are above 5ᵒ C – and living in Perth, how rarely does the temperature drop below 10ᵒ C? For optimum swimming enjoyment, a swimming pool heat pump will help to maintain a comfortable temperature in your pool whenever you need it.

Used in conjunction with a solar PV (photovoltaic) electric system, running costs are negated and heat pumps run for free.

Heat production

While gas swimming pool heaters can heat a pool very rapidly, pool heat pumps come out on top in terms of heat production and energy consumption. Gas swimming pool heaters will use 1 kw of energy to product less than 1 kw of heat, Supreme Heating’s heat pumps on the other hand will consume 1 kw of energy to produce anywhere between 6 to 8 kw of heat.

Supreme Heating WA has a diverse range of environmentally friendly heat pumps available. Please contact one of our company representatives for further information.