Swimming Pool Gas Heaters

In Perth trans-seasonal pool heating is becoming more and more common, with the range of swimming pool heating options available accommodating a range of budgets, locations and lifestyles.

At Supreme Heating WA we believe that your pool should be a warm oasis, when you want it, without the huge associated costs. That is why we have a range of gas swimming pool heaters available. While solar heating is the most environmentally friendly type of pool heating system, gas swimming pool heaters have numerous benefits that continue to make this pool heating option the most popular across WA, here’s why:

Rapid heating time

Gas swimming pool heaters are by far the quickest way to heat a swimming pool. Within 24 hours a gas pool heater can increase the water temperature by 14°C, allowing swimming pools to be heated to  28°C – 40°C. For those people that use their swimming pools infrequently, gas pool heaters are the ideal choice due to the rapid heating time.

Year round use

Installing a gas swimming pool heater can extend your swimming season from the summer months to all year round, thus increasing the return on what was undoubtedly a considerable investment in your swimming pool in the first place.

Superior temperature control

Gas pool heaters can easily be adjusted when it comes to temperature, turning up the heat in cooler months and turning it down during the summer time. Conversely, solar pool heating systems cannot be controlled in the same way. In the warmer months sure, temperature can be regulated but once the weather starts to cool, a solar heating system will not be as effective. Gas swimming pool heaters can be a great complement to a solar pool heating system as the gas will offset solar’s inability to work at night or during poor weather conditions.  Unlike solar pool heaters, gas pool heaters can maintain any desired temperature regardless of the weather.


Supreme Heating WA has a wide range of efficient and eco-friendly gas heaters to suit your individual application. For further information, please contact one of our company representatives.