Thermal Pool Covers

Thermal pool covers are best suited for indoor and outdoor heated pools, and are considered to be the most effective swimming pool cover in terms of insulation and water savings.

Here’s why thermal pool covers are an essential part of any pool heating package:

Reduces heat loss

Thermal pool covers are specifically designed to work with your pool heating system, whether that be gas/electric or solar powered. Heat loss tends to occur in the evenings when outside temperatures drop, and this naturally results in the water temperatures dropping as much at 10 degrees. Thermal pool covers can prevent up to 75% of this heat loss.

Reduces water evaporation

Did you know that swimming pools evaporate over twice their volume each and every year? On a standard 8m x 4m swimming pool in Perth, that is almost 80,000 litres of water that is lost every 12 months, which can account for 30% of your household water bill. With a thermal pool cover, 90% of this loss can be eliminated which means that the cost of the average pool blanket can be paid back within 6 months based on your water bill savings.

Reduces the need for chemicals

Sunlight is the main driver of chemical imbalances and algae growth in swimming pools. With a thermal pool cover sunlight is effectively blocked from reaching your pool, reducing the amount of chemicals and even filtering time that is needed to clean the water.

By reducing heat loss, water evaporation and the need for chemicals and filtering, thermal pool covers will save swimming pool owners a great deal of money in the long run.

At Supreme Heating WA our thermal pool covers come with a 10 year pro rata warranty (not that you may ever need it as thermal pool covers can last upwards of 10 years). All of our swimming pool covers also come with the Smart Approved WaterMark for water saving.

Manufactured using a 2mm closed cell trilaminate woven UV stabilised polyethylene fabric.

Available in Blue.

Thermal – 10 year pro rata warranty