Pool Covers – Perth, Western Australia

Harness the power of the sun…Helping you save energy and water around the pool.

Solar pool covers are a must-have addition to your swimming pool or spa. Once you have heated your pool, the best way to ensure the heat stays there all year round is with a solar cover.

Pool covers are without a doubt one of the great inventions in pool technology. Our innovative, diamond bubble-shaped solar covers will increase heat retention, eliminate evaporation almost completely and reduce running costs in terms of maintenance and pool chemical consumption. Our solar covers will also dramatically reduce the amount of dust and general debris that gets into your pool.


Pool Cover Rebates Now Available

*Save water and money

To promote water conservation, some state and local governments offer a rebate of up to $200 on the purchase of pool blankets.

Please contact Supreme Heating or your local distributor to find out whether you are eligible for a rebate.


Water Savings

Reduce water evaporation by up to 97%, which provides water savings of approximately 50,000-70,000 litres per year depending on where you are situated in Australia.

Water Savings With a Pool Cover

Energy Savings

The Diamond bubble-shape allows for closer spacing and therefore increases heat retention by up to 75% reducing CO² emissions and saving on energy normally used to run auxiliary heating systems.

Cost Savings

By conserving your pools water you will also reduce chemical consumption by 50-70%. By reducing your pools water and chemical evaporation losses, together with saving on energy bills, a Heatseeker Diamond solar blanket will minimise the expenses associated with maintaining your pool.

Added Benefits

  • Increase your pool temperature by up to 8°C.
  • Reduce the amount of dust and general debris entering your pool.

Supreme Heating’s innovative range of Heatseeker Diamond bubble-shaped pool covers will ensure your pool or spa meets modern day ecological requirements.


Our Heatseeker Diamond solar pool covers have been accredited with the Smart Approved WaterMark. Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia’s water saving labeling program for products and services that are helping reduce water use around the home. By choosing products with the distinctive Smart Approved WaterMark label you can be confident you’re doing your bit to reduce water use around your pool.

For further information, please read the introductory leaflet explaining how the Smart WaterMark can help you save water around your pool or visit https://www.smartwatermark.org

Supreme Heating is also a national member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA).

The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia, or SPASA Australia, is the national peak body of the Australian swimming pool and spa industry, SPASA Victoria being the sole industry peak body within the state.

SPASA are dedicated to maintaining and improving our industry for the betterment of consumers, builders, manufacturers & suppliers.

The SPASA website has been designed specifically to provide consumers with the latest information and advice. We suggest a good starting point is the consumer advice section.


You can also check out the informative Fact Sheets, review the SPASA Awards of Excellence winners and the Member Listings.