Solar Hydronics Heating in Perth, Western Australia

Heatseeker Supreme…The ultimate heating solution

Imagine a completely stand-alone environmental solution enabling you to heat your home, hot water and even your swimming pool using the suns free energy…all from the one system.

Heatseeker Supreme is a revolutionary solar heating system designed specifically to provide maximum free energy to heat your home, hot water and even your swimming pool.

Its design has evolved due to worldwide concerns about global warming and the introduction of government programs to reduce greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere.

In the last decade we have seen dramatic advances in solar collector performance, energy efficient building designs and a shift in people’s awareness and expectations of energy efficient products.

How it works

Solar hydronic heating is the most efficient heating technology available, offering many advantages compared to conventional central heating.

Hot water is extracted year round from the solar evacuated tube system on the roof. The water is circulated through insulated piping and collected in hot water storage tanks. This water is distributed for domestic hot water use as the first priority. The solar energy or hot water is then diverted to the pipe work laid under the floor for your hydronic central heating system.

The main fuel source to heat the water is the free energy from solar exposure. The auxiliary heat source can be an option of natural gas, LPG, off-peak electricity or solid fuel.

The design of your solar hydronic system is quite complex and requires careful consideration. Please contact Supreme Heating for further information on the revolutionary Heatseeker Supreme solar hydronic heating system.